Minutes of The General body meeting held on 13th September,2008 at Sri Ramachandra Medical University.

Since there was no quorum to required norms, the meeting was adjourned at 5.30pm & re- convenedat 6.00 pm. Since the president could not attend, vice president Dr Madhavi chaired the meeting.

Members present

Prof .A.krishnamurthi  
Dr.wms. Johnson   
Dr.C. Madhavi
Dr.S.  Ratnasamy      
Dr.S. Aruna    
Dr. Melani    rajendran
Dr.V. Vatsala
Dr. S.Girija
Vishali  N
Dr. Kalpana  

Apology of Absence
Mrs Radha Ramanathan had expressed apology of absence due to ill health.


1.Treasurers report.
  Treasurer reported a growth of 10%  in financial position. The members appreciated. 2.Secretary’s report
   The report read in inaugural function  was  approved by GB
3.President’s report
   The Presidents speech in inaugural function was accepted by GB as his report.
4.Editor’s report.
   a)The Editor informed that the printer happens to be the partner of a reputed courier service.     Henceforth it would be delivered at the address provided by members to the association.
    b) He also reported that this is the 25th issue & first time 12 articles have appeared.
    c) He also requested members to send articles fairly early to publish without strain.
    d) The rate for a page is hiked to Rs 600/- with members approving his report.
5.Dissertation Topic
   Topic for UG :Pain pathway
   Topic for PG : The comparative Anatomy of Branchial apparatus.
   It was proposed to have record of dissertation topics for reference. Prof Swayam Jothy has    provided some of the topics year wise.
   Last date of submission will be May 31st
   Will be fixed by EC after scrutinizing the entries .
7.Venue for next conference.
  Venue for next conference is Chettinad Hospital & research centre. Venue for 2010 will be    Karpagavinayagar Dental Colege, Chinna kolambakkam, Maduranthagam.
  It was decided to formulate norms in EC and bring it to GB to sort out such issues in future.It was   decided to take ASI norms as guideline.
8. 56th ASI conference.
   It was noted that 8 members from Tamilnadu are participating.Mr.K.Prabhu, Sree Balaji Medical    College was requested to coordinate the trip.
   Dr Melani Rajendran become the President by norms
   Dr Madhavi re elected as the Vice president
   Dr Vathsala Venkatesan was proposed as VicePresident by Dr Melani & secondedby Dr WMS    Johnson. She was unanimously elected.
   Other posts were also unanimously elected.
   Secretary Dr V Rajaram
   Joint Secretary Dr WMS Johnson
   Treasurer Dr S Prakash
   Joint Treasurer Mr Ramesh
   Editor Prof AKrishnamurthi
   Joint Editor-dr.rajasankar

Executive committee Members :

1.Dr I Jayaraj
2.Mr. K. Prabhu
3.Dr Aruna
4.Dr Anbazhagan
5.Dr S.Senthilkumar
6.Dr Suganthi
7.Dr S Girija
8.Dr R Muthusamy
9.Dr Sohinder Kaur
10.Dr P Sarswathy

Any other business
Members felt that the certificate for awardees should have been given on the stage. Some members felt Dr T Jayavelu be remembered for his role. It was decided to keep his portraitin the venue of GB. Mr G. Chandrasekar came forward to donate the portrait.

Vote of Thanks was proposed by the treasurer.
Meeting was adjourned by the chair.